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Secure Managed Print

A combination of holistic endpoint device security, a well-rounded security policy, and simple document security will keep you, your data, and your printers out of harm’s way.

Device Security

Cybercriminals target printers more often than most organizations realize. In 2018, 59% of businesses and organizations reported a print-related data breach! Global corporations and small businesses alike make headlines daily due to cybersecurity failures. Printer security should be top of mind for all businesses. Navetech employs an enhanced approach to your device security. Your endpoint devices – new and old – are brought in line with compliance protocols and security policy settings. Any devices out of compliance are corrected. New devices are set to announce themselves on the network and are immediately brought into compliance. Automated installation of all security certificates ensures no endpoint is overlooked.

On top of Navetech’s print security measures, HP print devices come built-in with the world’s most advanced security.

Document Security with Secure Pull Printing

We discussed how we help you protect your devices and the sensitive information they process, but what about the documents themselves? Reduce unclaimed print jobs sitting in the paper tray and enable your employees to securely print from wherever they are in the office – or on the go. Secure Pull Printing gives your employees control of their printing and gives you peace of mind. Secure Pull printing methods include badge swipe, PIN code, printer control panel authentication. Your employees can print to a secure network, authenticate themselves with a badge or PIN number, and then retrieve their print job when they’re ready.

Our security assessment and ongoing management focuses on the following three areas:

The Device
We ensure your print devices are set up with the proper configurations and security technology. If your print devices are not compatible with the latest security software, our experts will make device recommendations based on your usage and needs.

Your Data & Documents
Your confidential client data, client records, proprietary information, and the security of your documents are all risk points we address with our strategy security policy settings and Secure Print & Scan solutions.

We’ll help you establish ongoing assurance of your security policies and the security compliance of all your endpoints.

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