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Managed Print Software

Navetech’s Managed Print Software takes the complexity out of printing. Modern multi-function printers offer so many features outside of printing, at times the processes can get overwhelming and difficult to manage. Our print software establishes the best user experience, optimization, efficiency for your printers.

Device Management

We focus on cutting waste in your print processes by tracking your usage down to device and user. With print environment management software, PaperCut, we can see where and who is printing the most, then we’ll help you implement ways to eliminate paper waste and save your print budget! All your printers and their data will be visible within one easy to read dashboard. From here, you track, monitor, & compare printer usage and define your printer costs. You can access the dashboard from any device, anywhere! Plus, we’ll pro-actively manage your printer fleet remotely, so you, your IT, and the rest of your office can print worry-free.

Printer Driver Management

NaveTech uses innovative print driver software, PrinterLogic, to simplify your print environment by eliminating print servers, consolidating print drivers, and employing mobile printing as needed. With PrinterLogic’s serverless architecture, we have radically simplified print environments for organizations small and large and from a wide range of industries. We’ll simplify your entire print experience by automating print driver installation and driver management. By automatically deploying universal print drivers for all your printers, we’ll eliminate print driver help desk calls and create a more efficient IT environment in one fell swoop!

Follow Me Printing

Follow me printing or Pull Printing, Release Printing, Secure Printing, and Personal Printing all tend to operate on the same principle – print and retrieve your documents from any device that is part of the solution. Follow Me Printing allows you and your employees to streamline and secure your printing with a personalized touch. The basic two-step process allows you to print to the nearest shared printer from a computer or phone, and then, once you’re ready to pick up your print, you scan your badge or enter your pin at the printer and your documents will print. No rushing to the printer to grab sensitive documents, no waiting in line, and no more forgotten prints in the print tray all while working towards great sustainability!

All Features

Print Drivers
Our software automates driver installation and management, reducing help desk calls and time spent troubleshooting.

As print devices grow more sophisticated, the time required to maintain them increases. We’ll free up your IT department and cut out downtime by taking over the management of your devices.

Print Costs
Gain visibility of your print expenses. Account for those costs by department, device, or user. Get control of your print costs. Cut spending where unnecessary expenses existed.

Document Security
Managed Print Services employs secure solutions like user authentication and follow me printing to create audit trails of where and when documents are printed.

Device Security
Data-in-transit and endpoint devices offer ample opportunities for attackers to compromise your print devices and network. We’ll provide continuous assurance of security policy settings across ALL endpoints to ensure a comprehensive IT security policy.

Mobile Printing
Find easy, intuitive mobile printing solutions for users that are secure and accountable to your IT department with our managed print software.

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